DCPC Support Services Courses

Driver CPC Support Services – Specialist provides a number of support services to those organisations that wish to train their own drivers.

These range from our popular course design service and Train the Trainer courses to membership of Specialist’s Driver CPC Consortium.

Course Content

  • Course design service – Specialist’s course design team can construct a training programme that meets the specific needs of the client. As long as the subject matter is within the Directive Syllabus, we will ensure that all the latest training techniques and classroom technology are used to construct the most engaging and effective training course possible. The design service can range from simply a tweaking of Specialist’s existing courses to a comprehensive course design remit. Contact us to discuss your needs.
  • Driver CPC Train the Trainer Course – Specialist runs a five day Driver CPC Train the Trainer course which develops a suitable individual to be able to deliver Driver CPC courses. The course was formerly the EDI Driver CPC Train the Trainer Course.
  • Specialist’s Driver CPC Consortium – For those organisations where a consortium arrangement best meets their training needs. This is usually suitable only for organisations with over 100 active drivers or where there are multiple or complex training needs. The Specialist Consortium offers full support to this kind of client ranging from training its trainers and providing full course design resources, to evaluation and auditing services. All members of the consortium have constant access to Specialist’s expertise and training experience. To see if the consortium approach to Driver CPC provision suits your operation, please give us a call.

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