Fire Safety Courses

Fire Safety Courses – Fire can have a devastating effect on businesses, livelihoods and lives of employees.

The Fire Safety Order of 2005 highlighted and emphasised the role of the employer in ensuring fire risks were assessed and appropriate staff were trained and practised in dealing with fire related emergencies.  All courses are designed and delivered by ex Fire Service training personnel.

Course Content

  • Fire Marshal / Fire Warden Course – This one day long course is designed for those who have a responsibility to ensure evacuation and response to a fire in the workplace. Attendees will learn about fire and fire survival, how people react in fires and how to respond to fires and control evacuation. The course also includes practical participation in fire exercises, use of extinguishers and training on when and where their use is applicable.
  • Fire Extinguisher Course – This half day programme is aimed at any employee who may come across a fire in the workplace. In other words it is suitable for all and every person in an organisation. The course is excellent at building confidence in individuals and teaching them about fire and fire survival and the role they may have to play in the unlikely event of a fire at work. It includes a practical fire exercise and the use of a variety of fire extinguishers.
  • Fire Risk Assessment Course – This course is three days long and is designed for supervisors / managers who have a fire risk assessment responsibility. The course provides a step by step approach for those with little knowledge of the requirements of a fire risk assessment.
    The course final exercise consists of trainees carrying out a full fire risk assessment supervised by the trainer.  For on-site courses this assessment can obviously form a vital part of the organisation’s fire plan.

Upcoming Dates

  • Fire Marshal - Accrington
    Tuesday - 11/06/2024
    1 Day(s)
  • Fire Marshal - Accrington
    Monday - 23/09/2024
    1 Day(s)