Assessor Training Courses

If an organisation wishes to develop its own internal  driving assessment resource, then it should consider sending suitable staff on an assessor course.

An internal assessor can not only play an important part in determining the driving abilities of any potential recruits to an organisation, he or she can also be useful for regular driving assessments of existing staff. For those organisations which have to demonstrate a duty of care for their driving staff, often exemplified by regular driving assessments, the use of an internal driving assessor can be a very useful way of meeting this need.

Driving Assessor training courses include a number of programmes of varying length and intensity. For example a course for an individual who will carry out simple company internal driving assessments will be two or three days long (dependent on numbers) whilst the course to train an existing assessor to deliver the ASET / EDI Certificate in Defensive Driving course is five days long. To find out which course would suit your organisation, please give us a call.

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