International Shipping

When you send specialised dangerous goods by road, sea, rail or air, you need expert help. Keeping your business moving internationally is our business.

Any cross frontier transport operation involves compliance with a complex web of potentially costly legislative requirements. When this transport involves dangerous goods then things can be made even more difficult for the shipper. With expert help however, the process can be made plain sailing. Specialist’s consultants and trainers are experts in the international shipping of dangerous goods.

We run courses and offer consultancy on the transport of goods by road (ADR), Sea (IMDG), Air (ICAO / IATA), Rail (RID) and Inland Waterway (ADN). Training and consultancy can be conducted in this country or internationally. For a free initial consultation on your needs, give us a call.

We offer:

  • Expertise in all modes of international transport of dangerous goods
  • National and international consultancy and training
  • Free initial consultation
  • A service that keeps you fully informed at all times
  • Constant access to expertise when needed
  • Industry approved courses