Passenger Transport Courses

The Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) qualification is the most common qualification held by individuals who are required to meet the competence requirements to hold an Operator’s licence. It is also the most common qualification held by transport managers.

Specialist has been running Operator CPC and transport management courses since the Company began and still delivers one of the highest pass rates in the country.   Courses run to the OCR examinations which are held four times a year.

The Passenger Transport CPC course is designed for transport managers or Operator licence holders in the Passenger Transport Industry. The course prepares individuals for the OCR Examinations and is an intensive ten day programme covering the wide ranging remit of subjects for which a passenger transport manager may have responsibility.

In a constantly changing legislative environment, it is easy to slip out of date when it comes to “essential” transport manager knowledge. To keep transport management staff up to date, Specialist has developed one and two day CPC Refresher – Operator Compliance courses.

The sessions are designed not to re-run the CPC course, but as an updating exercise on all the common areas where issues and non-compliances commonly arise. They are extremely popular and very effective at raising the levels of knowledge of transport management. Traffic Commissioners have made it clear that they regard refresher training for transport managers as an essential part of their continuous professional development.  Please give us a call to discuss how your company could benefit from refresher training.

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