Dangerous Goods Awareness Courses

Specialist has developed a wide range of dangerous goods awareness training courses addressing a variety of customer needs. There is a regulatory requirement for “appropriate” or “adequate” training for any organisation that consigns or transports dangerous goods or stores them in warehouses. This requirement is addressed by the comprehensive series of standard training courses outlined below.

Specialist’s aim has always been to deliver training that meets a customer’s specific needs.  As such, we are always happy to alter the standard programmes so they better reflect a client’s exact requirements. For example if a client only consigned one particular class or series of classes of dangerous goods, we could include training which related directly to the common issues of this operation and omit anything not relevant to their operation.  To discuss this in detail, please give us a call.

Course Content

  • Half Day Dangerous Goods Awareness (Road) – This short course is designed for those who consign or carry dangerous goods under load thresholds or who require only a basic knowledge of the regulations.
  • One Day Dangerous Goods Awareness (Road) – This course is designed for those who require deeper knowledge of dangerous goods regulations, but not to the level of more formal ADR training.
  • One Day Dangerous Goods Awareness (Multimodal) – Those organisations that use a variety of modes of transport when they consign or carry dangerous goods should attend this training course. It covers not only the basics of dangerous goods awareness, but also where the various modal regulations and codes differentiate, for example in packing and documentation requirements.
  • Half / One Day Dangerous Goods / Chemical Awareness (Warehouses) – This course is designed for those organisations that store dangerous goods and chemicals in warehouses. The length and content of the training is determined by the amount and variety of dangerous goods stored. Courses can be tailored to reflect an individual client’s operations.
  • Half / One Day Dangerous Waste training – For those organisations that consign or transport dangerous waste it is important all staff have appropriate training.  This course is designed to meet that requirement. Types of waste can range from low level industrial chemical waste to complex radioactive or clinical waste products. Courses are tailored to individual company requirements.
  • Transport of Lithium Batteries – Intermodal – An increasingly popular training course, this training is essential for those organisations that consign or transport lithium batteries. (For the specific Air Transport of Lithium Batteries course, see the Dangerous Goods by Air section). The training includes up to date and vital information on the carriage of this increasingly regulated dangerous commodity.


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