Dangerous Goods by Air (IATA) Courses

Specialist runs CAA approved Dangerous Goods by Air courses. These courses are suitable for those individuals in an organisation who are responsible for the consignment or transport of dangerous goods by air.

It is a legal requirement that those involved in this activity attend the training course most appropriate for the substances or articles being consigned.

Course Content

  • IATA (CAA) Initial Dangerous Goods by Air – This course is for those who have little or no experience of carriage of dangerous goods. It covers all the prescribed elements of the CAA approved course including classification, packaging, labelling, documentation and operational transportation requirements.
  • IATA (CAA) Refresher Dangerous Goods by Air – This course is for those who require their two year refresher training for the Dangerous Goods by Air certification. The syllabus is the same as for the Initial training course.
  • IATA (CAA) Carriage of Infectious Substances by Air course – This course is for those organisations which consign or transport Class 6 Infectious substances by Air. It covers the specialised requirements for this particular class of dangerous substances.
  • Carriage of Lithium Batteries by Air course – This training is for those organisations which have to transport lithium batteries by air. This is a growing and regularly revised area where it is important to be up to date and compliant with the latest regulations.

Upcoming Dates

  • Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air (IATA) - Accrington
    Monday - 19/09/2022
    3 Day(s)