Dangerous Goods by Sea (IMDG) Courses

Specialist runs three standard courses and a range of bespoke training programmes for those organisations that consign or transport dangerous goods by sea.

The courses are aimed at those for whom there is a requirement in various IMO documents for “appropriate” training.

Course Content

  • Half day IMDG Awareness training – This course is aimed at those who have a peripheral involvement in the transport of dangerous goods by sea, but have a requirement to possess a basic or general knowledge of aspects of the IMDG Code.
  • One day IMDG Awareness training – This course is for those operatives, either on shore or on board ship, that require a basic understanding of the IMDG but need a little more detail in specific areas.
  • Two day IMDG Knowledge course – This course is designed for those employees who regularly use the IMDG Code books. It takes attendees through the transport process and gives them a working knowledge of how to use the publications to classify, package, label and document dangerous goods. It also covers the major points of the operational aspects of the transport chain up to and on board ship.
  • Bespoke IMDG training – Courses can be tailored to the requirements of the particular customer, for example those who only ship specific types of dangerous goods, or only to particular countries.

Refresher training is available for all the above courses. This will include explanations of any changes in the legislative requirements since the last training course. It is recommended that refresher training mirrors the publications of the IMDG Codes every two years.

Upcoming Dates