Health & Safety Courses

Specialist offer a variety of Health and Safety Awareness courses.

These range from basic half day awareness sessions aimed at employees with little or no health and safety training, to more specific courses covering aspects such as Risk Assessment or Working at height training. Clients can request inclusion of organisation specific issues if required.

Course Content

  • Health and safety awareness – Basic Health and Safety awareness courses are half a day or a day in length depending on the requirements of the clients. Courses are designed for employees and / or supervisors. The courses cover the general legal background to health and safety in the workplace, responsibilities of all involved and some of the key safety issues that affect all employees.
  • Risk assessment training – Risk assessing is not just the preserve of the health and safety manager. It is important that all employees and supervisory staff have a basic knowledge of how to assess risk. The courses are either half a day or one day in duration depending on content required. The training covers the basics of risk assessment and teaches individuals how to constantly and effectively carry out Dynamic Risk Assessment in their daily roles.
  • Working at Height & Ladder Training – One of the biggest killers in industrial accidents is the fall from height. Working at height regulations require those who work at height to have received appropriate training. Training is either half a day or one day in duration depending on the content required. Ladder Safety courses are half a day in length. Courses can be tailored for specific needs, but all courses will ensure that those who work at height will be able to minimise or eliminate the risks inherent in their work activity.

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