Manual Handling Courses

Manual handling related accidents and health issues are a major cause of illness and injury in the UK workforce.

Back injuries, upper limb injuries and a variety of other handling related complaints are all far more common than they should be. Employers have a responsibility to risk assess manual handling activities and, where necessary, arrange appropriate training. Specialist has designed a series of manual handling courses to help employers meet this responsibility.

Course Content

  • Basic Manual Handling course – This is a half day course that covers the basic issues of the manual handling of materials, equipment and other everyday items in the workplace. It examines what injuries can occur during handling operations, how they occur and how they can be avoided or minimised.
  • Manual Handling Train the Trainer course – This course is aimed at those organisations which may have a regular need for manual handling training at employee level and want to develop an internal training resource to meet that need. Suitable candidates will attend a three day long course which covers basic training and presentational skills and the use of Specialist Training’s own Basic Manual Handling course as a model for them to train towards. The Basic course can be purchased separately if an organisation does not have its own internal training programme.
  • Pedestrian Pallet Truck Training Courses – The incorrect use of Pedestrian Pallet Trucks or “Pump Trucks” has been responsible for a large number of serious handling accidents and injuries. The half day long operative level course on pallet trucks will ensure that attendees understand the dangers of this piece of industrial equipment and know how to handle it safely in a variety of situations.
    For those organisations with a regular need to train operators of pallet trucks, Specialist also runs the Train the Trainer Course for Pedestrian Pallet Trucks. The course is two days long and suitable candidates will learn basic training skills and how to teach operators the safe use of the pallet truck in a variety of workplace situations such as in confined spaces, on slopes and with unusual or dangerous loads. The course would be ideal for supervisors / managers who manage large numbers of people who use pallet trucks on a regular basis.
  • Manual Handling Assessor Training – This course is aimed at those organisations that require existing health and safety / supervisory personnel to carry out manual handling assessments. The course is two days long and can be held on site at customer locations. The training uses a variety of methodologies to ensure attendees can complete robust, targeted and relevant manual handling assessments for a variety of roles. Training includes use of the HSE risk filters, TILE, the MAC Tool and ART tool. As well as theoretical training, all attendees must complete practical manual handling assessments as part of the course.

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