ADR 2017 Regulation Changes – Carriage of Dangerous Goods

Friday December 2016

The ADR Regulations (Carriage of Dangerous Goods) have been updated with changes to come into force from January 2017.

The key changes have been summarised as follows:

  • New UN numbers and special provisions for engines and machinery which are powered by batteries or liquid fuels.  These new UN numbers are UN3528, UN3529, UN3530 with amendments to UN3166 and UN3171 via special provisions.
  • Special provisions 310 and 370 have been updated to include provision for damaged and defective Lithium Batteries.  Further changes are likely to occur in the future as discussions are ongoing.
  • Use of gaseous fuels in vehicles transporting dangerous goods is now permitted
  • Changes to the DGSA requirement effectively means from 2019 Consignors will require the services of a DGSA.

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