Monday July 2019

As you may already be aware the ADR 2019 became mandatory from 1st July 2019 following a 6-month transition period.

Although wholesale changes have not been made there are a couple which are potentially of note:

Revision to Class 8 Corrosive classification methods which will potentially affect some products, for example certain hair dyes in the cosmetics sector have now been classified as corrosive.  The methodology is set out in Chapter 2.2.8.  A lot of DGSA’s have already had fun with the new flow chart for calculation!  For more information on this you can access the ADR 2019 online at:

ADR 2019 has also introduced a new set of UN Numbers for Articles, n.o.s. which all fall into Transport Category 4.  These should lighten the regulatory burden to a degree using the small load threshold exemption from ADR

It is recommended for companies involved with equipment and machinery to review these classifications, however they should not be confused with classifications for Lithium Batteries in Equipment.  For further information seek advice from your DGSA