ADR Online Exams – Warrington

Friday April 2024

ADR Online Exams – Warrington

Our very first ADR online exam session at Warrington was a huge success, with a full house too!

DVSA have now made it mandatory for all ADR examinations to be held online, using a laptop, instead of the previous paper-based exams.

Following a significant investment in time and resources we are very pleased with how smoothly the session went.  After all exams were completed the drivers were provided with their results, instead of waiting the usual 20 working days, which they were all delighted about. 😁

Some of the drivers were apprehensive in using a laptop, and a pad as a mouse, however with a little training, encouragement and patience they soon grasped it!

In addition to our centres in Accrington, Warrington and Wakefield, ADR courses can also be delivered at your premises, providing facilities are available for running online exams.

Please contact us for further information.