Dangerous Goods Newsletter – June 2015

Wednesday May 2016

NEW to ADR 2015

General Provisions

  • A new exemption has been created to allow for the carriage of fuel in the tanks of ‘non-road mobile machinery’ when carried as a load –
  • Lamps containing dangerous goods are now also specifically excluded from the provisions of ADR provided certain conditions are met –
  • Much of the use of the term ‘Class 7 material has been replaced by Radioactive material’ throughout the code. A number of new definitions have been created within Chapter 1.2 which include ‘Composite packaging’, ‘large salvage packaging’ and ‘management systems’

Marking and Labelling

  • The labels may include text such as the UN number or words describing the hazard (e.g. flammable) in accordance with provided the text does not obscure or detract from the other required label elements.
  • The border line surrounding the labels have increased in size although the inner line width have remained the same.
  • The lettering of the “OVERPACK” marking shall be at least 12mm high.
  • Orientation arrows illustrated in shall be displayed on two opposite sides of overpacks containing packages which shall be marked in accordance with unless the marking remains visible
  • Implementation date before 31st December 2015

Information in Writing

  • The Carrier is responsible for providing the information to the driver
  • Electronic cigarettes or similar devices which may be sources of ignition are prohibited to use
  • Needs to be a 4 part document
  • In the language the driver understands and coloured as shown in the
  • ADR. This document does not allow any addition of the company’s logo.
  • The amendment is to delete ‘EN 471’ standard from a suitable warning vest.
  • Implementation date before 30th June 2017

New UN Numbers

  • UN 3509 Packagings, discarded, empty, uncleaned (TC4)
  • UN 3510 – UN 3518
  • UN 3268 Safety Devices, electrically initiated

Environmentally Hazardous Substances

UN 3077 Environmentally Hazardous Substances, (Solid or Liquid) N.O.S have been assigned a new ADR special provision (SP 375). This basically says when carried in single or inner packaging in combination packages containing a net quantity not exceeding 5 litres / kg are not subject to ADR except for compliance with certain general packaging provisions.

“…The UK has initiated a multilateral agreement under ADR designeto bring forward adoption of the agreed changes to the carriage of viscous liquids that are environmentally hazardous substances, in receptacles not exceeding 5 litres. The agreement, which exempts such consignments from the provisions of ADR other than the general packing provisions, is due to appear in the 2017 edition of ADR. Once counter-signed by one or more other parties, it will be applicable in the UK and other signatories and in international transport between them…”

Miscellaneous Amendments

  • E-Cigarettes – prohibition of smoking also applies to the use of electronic cigarettes and similar devices
  • CV37- Before carriage, aluminium smelting by-products or aluminium remelting by-products shall be cooled to ambient temperature prior to loading. Sheeted vehicles and containers shall be waterproof. The cargo doors of the closed vehicles and closed containers shall also be marked in a language considered appropriate by the consignor.