Driver CPC – Where are we now?

Wednesday July 2023


An update has not been given since the end of the DCPC consultation in late April.  The statistics on the government website, showing number of drivers attending driver cpc hours, hasn’t been updated either since December 2022!

With this in mind, I decided to review where we are now in terms of Driver CPC, especially as September 2024 is within reach!

Driver CPC Review

This was conducted between November 2021 and January 2022 to review whether the current rules are useful and proportionate for drivers and to consider changes to the Regulations.

Following this review, a final report was published, summarising its’ findings, to confirm there was agreement to retain Driver CPC but with a reform.

After a period of time, a consultation on the proposed changes was issued to seek views on the proposed changes. The consultation ran from 2nd March until 27th April 2023.

The analysis of the consultation document is currently under review with no given timescale.

Whilst the review of the consultation is taking place, there is no guidance issued on what steps to take in the meantime, despite the deadline of September 2024 only being 14 months away!

What to do now?

New Driver

There are NO proposed changes for new drivers’ as they will need to continue with following the Initial Driver CPC route, consisting of a theory and practical test.

Periodic International Driver

There are NO proposed changes for drivers who drive Internationally, as they will still need to comply with the original rules on obtaining a Driver CPC qualification.

To reconfirm this requirement, they will still need to attend 35 hours of training every 5 years and before the expiry date on their existing Driver Qualification Card (DQC).

Periodic National Driver

This is where most of the changes are taking place, however, currently it is unknown when these changes will take place.

The dilemma lies with whether to continue following the existing Driver CPC route or to wait until the changes are introduced, especially as, for most existing drivers, the expiry date of their current DQC card will expire in 14 months.

It is important to note that, for changes to take place, legislation needs to be passed!


It is difficult to predict the next 14 months, however it is clear changes are coming.  As an approved Driver CPC training centre, we are still running company own and public courses to meet customer needs on a regular basis.  Due to the uncertainty, we would always recommend for companies to plan, to avoid any potential headaches!