NEW Guidance from Resuscitation Council – Rescue Breaths

Tuesday April 2022

The Resuscitation Council have recently (8th April 2022) published guidelines regarding the use of rescue breaths when teaching First Aid.

Since the re-introduction of practical first aid training, following Covid 19, we took additional measures to ensure our First Aid trainees were safe when practising first aid by investing in a manikin for each student.  This minimise risk of cross infection and allowed the trainees to practise rescue breaths with confidence.  In addition we changed the manikins lungs after each course and had the usual disinfectant wipes to hand to wipe the manikin clean after use.

Whilst this was a significant investment to purchase manikins for 12 trainees it was well worth it, as it provided confidence to all our trainees that we care about their health and training experience whilst attending our First Aid course.

To read the full guidance please click on the link….