Newly Extended Dangerous Goods Team

Sunday November 2023

The year 2023, has been a busy one, developing our Dangerous Goods team.

Autumn Fitzpatrick joined the team at the beginning of the year, to commence her career as a Dangerous Goods trainer, after gaining several years on the road driving.  Her driving experience provided a solid foundation, helping her develop her dangerous goods knowledge and training delivery.

She has endured a steep learning curve, which started by attending a Forklift Truck operators’ course, quickly moving onto the instructor/examiners course and passing with flying colours!

Other courses she has attended and successfully passed include, ADR Explosives and Radioactives, DGSA, IMDG, Fire and First Aid.

The process to be fully approved as a trainer involves many observations by peers although the awarding bodies have the final say.  The feedback received from such bodies was highly complementary and a real boost to Autumn’s confidence and recognition for her hard work.

Nicola Dugdale and Vicky McKay have also been in training!!  Although they have been qualified DGSA’s for over 20 years, they have attended and successfully passed the IATA – Dangerous Goods by Air Shippers course, quickly followed by passing the CAA Dangerous Goods by Air – Part 1 Instructor Exam, held at Gatwick Airport.

To complete their knowledge, they have also recently attended the IMDG – Dangerous Goods by Sea course completing their knowledge across three modes of transport – ROAD, SEA and AIR. 

The year 2023 is only the start of the journey with many more exciting plans afoot so watch this space for further developments!

Every Day is a School Day!

Our Technical Director and Consultant, Mark Butterworth has almost 30 years of experience in his field of Dangerous Goods yet there is still more to learn!

Mark’s knowledge and experience is extensive not just across the varying modes of transport, road, rail, sea, air and inland waterways and the cross section of industries from manufacturers, transport, freight forwarders, local authorities, and the NHS but also in the Class of Dangerous Goods.  Whilst Mark’s skill set is very varied he felt there was a need to formalise his knowledge and experience, especially in Class 7, Radioactives, which is why he decided to attend the Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPS) course.

The course was very enjoyable despite being highly technical, covering aspects of Nuclear Physics and mathematical calculations.