RTITB Forklift Truck Instructor / Examiner Course Changes

Saturday May 2024

As of 3rd June 2024, the course will follow the new course style and examination format.  These changes are significant made from RTITB!

Before explaining these changes, it is important to understand the reason ‘Why’ they are changing:

The aim of bringing these changes are:

  • To provide a wider, more holistic view of the candidate instructor’s ability
  • To reduce the pressure on the candidate on the final day of the course
  • To recognise the instructor training providers competence as assessors
  • To allow multiple attempts of the Associated Knowledge test during the course and to change the approach from that of a ‘memory test’
  • To improve the confidentiality and security of the Associated Knowledge test
  • To ensure that nerves do not prevent an otherwise competent candidate from qualifying as an instructor


Prior to attending the course, candidates will be required to complete the E-truck theory module.  This may have already been completed as an operator within the last 3 years but if not, then this needs to be completed prior to the first day of the course.


The following exams will be completed whilst on course.  These are:

  • Advanced Operational Competence
  • Associated Knowledge
  • In-Class Delivery
  • Practical Lesson
  • Professional Discussion

Usually, on the first day of the course, if attending the 10-day course, the candidate will undertake an ‘Advanced Operational Competence’ test which involves taking a practical operating test and scoring less than 25 penalty points.  The candidate cannot progress onto the rest of the course without achieving Instructor standard operating skills.

The ‘Associated Knowledge Test’, also known as the theory test, can be completed at any point during the course, however it is usually carried out in the first week.  The changes bring the opportunity of having 3 attempts to pass this element, before the final day of the course.

The ‘In-Class Delivery’ test is more formalised than previously carried out.  This element of the course can be ‘live’ streamed to RTITB examiners.  The chosen lesson of delivery is provided on the 1st day of the course, which allows plenty of time for planning and preparation.

The ‘Practical Lesson Delivery’ test takes place on the final day of the course along with the ‘Professional Discussion’.  Notification of the lesson delivery will now be 48 hours before the exam day (instead of 24 hours before) allowing additional time for planning and preparation.  The duration of the exam will also be reduced from 40 minutes to 30 minutes.  The title of the lesson will be issued only, making way for the candidate to decide the objectives of the lesson.

The ‘Professional Discussion’ is a 10-minute chat between the RTITB examiner and the candidate, providing an opportunity to find out more about the lesson delivered, which will only act in the candidate’s favour.

Our next course where these changes will be incorporated will take place in October/November.  Take a look at our course schedule for the exact dates.