Specialist Healthcare Waste ADR Course

Thursday January 2017

Healthcare Waste ADR Training Available Nationally

A 2-day bespoke specialist course for driver’s involved in the transport of Healthcare Waste in packages and bulk has been designed by our experienced DGSA’s to reflect the training needs of  the Healthcare Waste sector.   All our instructors are familiar with the HTM 07 01 Safe Management of Healthcare Waste

The course has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the healthcare sector and allows driver’s to attend a course which is more relevant to the work they do rather than the generic public course.  The course is also significantly shorter than the normal public courses. Specialist is an approved provider of Driver CPC training.  7 hours of this course can count towards the requirement of 35 hours approved Driver CPC training.

Drivers have to attend an approved course and pass approved examinations set by SQA.  ADR Training Certificates are valid for 5 years both internationally and in the UK.

To find out more then please contact us on 01282 687090.